Fishermen rescue animal stranded on iceberg

While they were aboard a crab fishing boat off the coast of Canada, Mallory Harrigan and his colleagues noticed something unusual. About six miles off the coast, there was a fairly large iceberg and something was stranded there.

“We thought it was a baby seal,” said Harrigan.

So they took a closer look.

Facebook – Mallory Harrigan

It turns out that the animal on the iceberg was not exactly a marine species. It was an Arctic fox and he was in trouble.

Facebook – Mallory Harrigan

Instead of leaving the fox to its destination, Harrigan and his colleagues decided to help. They stopped the boat beside the iceberg and proceeded to the rescue.

“We were able to get him aboard even though he fought it,” Harrigan said. “We knew we were his only chance for survival, as the winds had changed and were driving all the ice farther out to sea.”

While the fox had good reason to give up, his hope was restored.

Facebook – Mallory Harrigan

Harrigan and his companions prepared a small bed on board and offered food to the weary animal, so that he could regain his strength. Then they began their journey back to dry land!

Facebook – Mallory Harrigan

Once back in the harbor, Harrigan and the crew gave the fox some more food and released him. “We left him in an old dog house,” he said.

Facebook – Mallory Harrigan

The simple act of kindness changed the life of this wonderful animal …

“We’re glad we saved an animal,” said Harrigan, noting that the fox seems to be doing well, and occasionally appears to remind his rescuers. “We can still see him from time to time!”

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Source: The Dodo


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