The peak of animal abuse at the service of tourism: live animals in souvenir bags

It’s horrible to play with the lives of defenseless beings, however, many people insist to make small animals suffer. In China, the limits of animal abuse were reached, all at the service of tourism. Some plastic souvenirs are sold as keychains, but actually they are tombs for small animals.

Salamanders, turtles, toads or live fish locked in tiny bags with colored liquids. How horrible!


By sharing the reduced space with colored balls or other decorations, they can’t move or breathe.


This is a slow form of death that should be punished and whoever sells it, is as inhumane as who buys…


The only thing that deserved to be paid is the freedom of these poor animals, who had the bad luck to fall into human hands. A pair of scissors or a knife would be enough to cut the plastic, which separates them from freedom!


Supposedly, the liquid carries nutrients and oxygen to keep them alive for a few days. But, stunned, the animals can not even move.


Besides physical agony, it’s also a psychological torment. Check out this little turtle trying to find a way out of a “prison”:

Youtube – Dewey Hammond

Unfortunately, it is not the first time that animals are used for such purposes. South American beetles were used as living decorations. However, after the public reaction, the company ceased its practices!


Live animals in souvenir bags


We can’t understand how there are people capable of causing so much suffering to helpless animals. It takes someone to raise their voice and end these inhumane practices in China.

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Source: La Nube de Algodón


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