An adopted 14-year-old girl is helping dogs find a home just like she did

Meena Kumar is 14 years old and a selfless spirit on the surface that led her to raise $14,000 for a good cause. This girl has always loved dogs and has a special interest in abandoned dogs, because they know closely what rejection means.

No animal can resist the girl’s love.

Although currently living in San Jose, California, Meena is originally from a humble city in India. Her first years of life were spent in an orphanage, so visits from strangers who wanted to meet her are as common for her as they could be for the kennel animals.

They get excited when the Kumar girl arrives at the shelter.

The first time Meena visited one of these places was when she was 8 years old. At that time the girl had already adopted her first puppy, Bambi, and a neighbor invited her to see the work they did at the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Visiting that cage-free dog shelter in San Francisco was a blow to her.

Meena loves dogs and it was inevitable that she wouldn’t be touched by the amount of homeless creatures in the place, the old dogs were the ones who stole her heart.

“I think all dogs are really sweet and older dogs give the same unconditional love as other dogs and they should find a home because they gave so much. They need a home,” Meena said.

The girl asked her mother Jayashree Subrahmonia to let her work at the shelter, but she was not old enough to do so. So, together, they planned a way to help the dogs there.

At that time, the family founded their own Pet Fairy Services dog care company, for which Meena is responsible.

His commitment was to donate all his income to Muttville and he did so.

Initially, the company started with word of mouth advertisements throughout the neighborhood and also through the Nextdoor application. In a short time, Meena had her client portfolio, but the subject didn’t stop there.

The girl has created other ways to raise funds with her father’s help, Meena plays her violin to raise money that she gives to Muttville in full.

So far, the Kumar girl has donated just over $14,000.

She does not want recognition, but she hopes that her voice will be heard and that other children will feel inspired and see something positive contribute to this world. Shelters have a great impact for her, reminding her of her years at the orphanage.

“Follow your heart and believe in your dreams and if you work hard, you will succeed,” said Kummar.

This girl has turned her painful past into something really positive and is a great example of resilience. Share her story and help her pass on her message.

Adoption will always be the best option!

Source: Zoorprendente


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