Girl walks alone on the freeway – then a homeless man runs to her and shouts: “Get back in the car and close the doors!”

Nowadays, our society is becoming more selfish and too busy to pay attention to others around us. However, this girl alone on the freeway has had proof that there is still hope in humanity. In a situation where everything seemed to go wrong, a wonderful person appeared to help her… and it was someone she never expected to help her.

Kate McClure was driving in Philadelphia when her car suddenly stopped because of lack of gas. The woman panicked, but managed to put the vehicle on the side of the road. Not knowing what to do, she got out of the car and decided to walk to the nearest gas station. On the way, she met a homeless man who told her to get back in the vehicle and close the doors.

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The young woman did so, and shortly after, the man came back with a gas container. The man was homeless, and he spent his last twenty dollars buying fuel for Kate. His name is Johnny Bobbitt Junior, 34, who was an ambulance driver. Unfortunately, he has been living on the street for a year. He went to Philadelphia to work, but ended up unemployed.

He decided to sleep one night on the street while he had no other solution. And that night turned into three weeks, then months, and so on for up to a year. Despite his sad life experience, Johnny didn’t hesitate to help Kate when he saw that she needed help. With his last twenty dollars, he filled the gas tank and saved the girl’s day.

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But this story is just beginning. Kate decided to return the favor to the man who saved her. The young woman and her boyfriend visited Johnny every day for several weeks, and gave him money, food, and other essentials. During these weeks, the couple learned more about Johnny and how he ended up on the street. They saw his photos on Facebook and were shocked.

“I looked at the photos and thought, ‘This could happen to me,'” Kate said. Once they knew him better, the young woman and her boyfriend were determined to help him recover his life. And they knew they had to do more than bring food. On November 10th, they launched a campaign on GoFundMe to raise money for Johnny.

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The goal was to get enough money to cover rent and house expenses for a few months. Before long, they received some donations and decided to surprise Johnny with the good news. They even brought him a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

“This has transformed my life,” Johnny said happily. The couple is very impressed with the response the campaign is having, and they will continue to help their friend until he recovers his life.

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These incredible people are proof that there’s still hope in humanity, and that we can all make the world a better place… we just have to look around us and offer help to those who need it. Share this exciting story of hope with your friends if you agree!

Source: Newsner


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