Alone and freezing to death in his own feces, puppy is rescued

With no blankets and in the middle of his own excrement, a poor puppy was living before he was rescued. His name is Nox, and at only 3 years old he already knew how difficult life can be without the protection of a truly responsible owner or a plate of food a day.

This little creature has learned to fend for itself in the face of its owner’s negligence.

The 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation removed Nox from the “care” of his former human head in February. This after the terrible conditions in which the woman was keeping him were demonstrated.

His sad little face was the worst.

The puppy was living in a makeshift shelter on the outskirts of a residence in Nuncq-Hautecôte (France). In the days before the rescue, the thermometer read -10 degrees Celsius in that city, and it was clear that Nox would spend all that time enduring the harsh weather.

He snuggled up by himself in an attempt to warm himself.

His food dishes were empty, his niche punctured and on the verge of collapsing, while his own feces invaded the place.

“It was sticky and smelled very bad. There is no doubt that he spent his time outdoors. He was full of fleas, his back was missing hair. Not to mention the scabs … there were a lot of them! He lived in catastrophic conditions”, writes Flore, a researcher for the 30 Million d’Amis Foundation.

Faced with the sudden inspection by foundation volunteers and a supervisor from the ministry of environment, the former Nox owner felt intimidated and claimed that she did not have enough money to support her.

The woman easily agreed to walk away from the puppy and hand custody to these people, while they could give Nox a better life.

That was the best thing that could happen to him.

At first, poor Nox was afraid in the presence of strangers.

“The living conditions were not respected in any way. The mud got mixed in with the excrement. When we put the collar on him, he peed in it. He must not have been used to being out of there”, lamented Flore.

Despite the shyness he showed at first, this dog’s rehabilitation has been almost immediate.

Nox proved to be a very playful puppy, and with his charms, he put a family in his pocket who decided to adopt him. No doubt this will be a new beginning for him. And now he is therefore ready to leave his past behind and all that he has suffered.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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