Woman sees man crying after being forced to throw present in the airport’s trash – what she discovers after that breaks her heart

There’s nothing better in the world than giving a sincere and sentimental gift to someone we love. Watching their reaction when they open it is really a precious feeling! Bill and Linda Modry were eager to do this with their newly adopted granddaughter. They had the perfect surprise for her, and they were traveling to see the girl for the first time. Unfortunately, the gift ended up in the airport’s trash.

When they reached the security gate, they were forced to throw the present away. The grandparents were heartbroken… Amarri Hernandez and her boyfriend were waiting for the plane at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport when they saw the incident happen.

“I witnessed a man being told he was not allowed to carry his package on the plane,” Amarri writes on Facebook. “The man looked at the officer and said, ‘Can I leave it in the lost and found at the airport? It’s a snow globe for my adopted granddaughter.'”

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Unfortunately, the security guy was not at all friendly and told the old man to throw the present in the trash. When Amarri saw the man walking away weeping, her heart broke into a thousand pieces. At that point, her boyfriend decided to go to the garbage and retrieve the package. When they opened the box, they discovered something exciting. The present was a snow globe with photos of the couple and a girl.

Below was a message engraved in silver: “We love you Katie, Nana and Papa 1/25/16.”

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Amarri was desperate to return the precious gift to its rightful owners, and posted a message on Facebook to try to find the couple from the airport.

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The post quickly became viral and was shared more than 40.000 times. Fortunately, this message caught the eye of a particular person. An employee of Things Remembered, the company that made the custom snow globe, saw her publication and contacted her.

The official searched the company’s records until he found the name of the person who asked for the snow globe. It was Linda Modry who had asked for that gift. Without delay, Amarri contacted the old woman to return her package. It was only then that she discovered how important that globe was.

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“It was for my granddaughter Katie, because my son adopted her,” said the grandmother. She says her granddaughter was devastated when Linda failed to take the snow globe to her in Ohio. Now, Linda can send the gift to her granddaughter thanks to the huge heart of Amarri.

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“She’s simply amazing. I can not believe she did it … she’s simply exceptional,” says the old lady. However, Amarri insists she just did what was right. “My mother raised us to be good to people,” she says. “I wish the same thing happened to me.”

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