Airport staff hurt dog during a flight

Traveling with dogs can be a very complicated process, as it’s necessary to subject our animals to specific revisions that must be fulfilled before arriving at an airport: hygiene, transport vaccines, etc. After all, we are forced to accept these measures, as we always want the best for our animals.

However, today we will meet a story that reveals a lot of incompetence and negligence from the airport authorities!

Er Mao is a Golden Retriever who was very traumatized after suffering in the airport staff’s hands. Through the images we can clearly see that there was a use of “excessive force” against the pup.

The airport authorities report said that Er Mao escaped from the cabin of China Eastern Airlines in Shanghai. The airport staff was responsible for putting him back in the transport cage and the signs of violence are evident.

The owner, 23, has decided to file a complaint against officials at Wuhan-Tianhe International Airport (China). The man argues that he waited more than an hour until the dog was returned and he suffered severe injuries in the process.

“We had to react to the emergency to prevent damage and injuries to property and passengers,” said the airport staff.

However, the real emergency was Er Mao’s state of health. There is no reasonable justification for the airport staff treating the dog that way… The conditions under which the puppy was delivered to the owner are truly unfortunate.

When paying for an animal transport service in an airline, always make sure that the cage is properly closed. Let us hope that justice is applied correctly and that all those responsible pay for their cruel acts.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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