Aggressive jaguar “attacks” dog – but what happens next leaves everyone in shock

There are some friendships that are very, very special. The case we are going to see today is a great example of that: a friendship between a jaguar named Jag and a puppy, called Bullet.

It may seem strange but these two eventually meet and are now best friends. Jaguars are carnivorous animals and, like lions and tigers, they hunt deer and other large animals. That is why many people believed that Bullet would become food when he entered a jaguar cage.

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However, they proved to be more than good friends… He could’ve eaten the puppy if he wanted to but those two proved to be completely inseparable. Unfortunately Jag was transferred to an animal conservation center with only a few months, and the separation was incredibly difficult for his friend, Bullet.

Youtube – Barcroft TV

Jag was also heartbroken and inconsolable… Fortunately, the jaguar handler thought about the problem and finally came to the right solution. They let Bullet stay with the jaguar. That’s good news!

Youtube – Barcroft TV

Although Jag is obviously the biggest and strongest of the two, Bullet is the dominant. The jaguar knows he’s older and is careful when playing with his friend…

Youtube – Barcroft TV

Although, at first, it seemed that the two didn’t fit in, they built a great friendship. Once again we have an example that love doesn’t choose species, how beautiful!

Watch these two companions in action in the clip below:

What a great proof of love…

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Source: La Biblia de los Animales


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