After making fun of small dogs for years, he never thought a chihuahua would save his life

Bobby Humphreys is a man who spent most of his time training a lot in a gym and taking care of his work, which consists in renovating homes.

For a long time, Bobby was a big fan of rottweilers. By adopting at least three pets of this race, this man did not hesitate to make fun of his friends who had small dogs.

On more than one occasion he made fun of his friends, watching them walk with the fragile and small dogs. However, the day Bobby least imagined, his whole world changed radically.

First, Bobby’s wife left him a few days to the end of the year 2016. She gave no explanation for her decision, which was accompanied by another accident: this man injured his shoulder in training. So he had to stay in rest and recovery.

Alone and with a health problem to attend, Bobby soon became depressed. In fact, he admits that by then he began to overindulge alcohol to escape his problems.

He never imagined that a friend would be responsible for opening a window of hope in his life. Constance Rogers, Bobby’s friend, desperately asked for help because she was about to lose the house and did not know where to go, much less in the company of her beloved dog Lady.

Bobby knew that Constance had a Chihuahua and although he almost told her not to take care of her pet for some time, he fell on himself and decided to reach out.

Unconditional love

He never imagined that Lady would come to his house to improve his life. The first day together, Constance was surprised to see the dog lying on the legs of her friend, watching television next to him. But that would be just the beginning of unconditional love.

The one responsible for Bobby overcoming his depression was Lady. In the company of that sweet dog, he did not feel lonely anymore. Soon he understood that at any moment he should return the dog to his friend, so it was when he decided to adopt his first chihuahua: Kira.

From then until now, Bobby could not stop. It seems incredible but currently, this man has 37 Chihuahuas and, each of them has rescued him, in his way, from an uncertain destination.

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