After being run over by various vehicles, dog waited for hours before being saved.

We cannot deny that, despite the existence of many organizations that guarantee the welfare of stray puppies, there are thousands of stray dogs in the world waiting for help.

Perhaps you have often encountered one of them as you cross the street and decide to look into the distance. You probably think: Poor animal, but only that remains, a fleeting thought that disappears within a few seconds in your memory. However, it is latent in the daily lives of the most vulnerable puppies.

Many stray dogs are still waiting for a foster home or an angel to adopt them.

Frankie was one of those dogs.

For many years he was condemned to survive the miseries he found in trash cans. His condition worsened when he was hit by an insensitive driver who decided to flee.

The innocent dog, unable to walk, was lying on the road, where he was the victim of various abuses and blows of insensitive drivers that continued for a long time without helping him. It’s hard to believe that in such a sad scene people would pass by without realizing that there was a puppy cheering for help.

Frankie is a beautiful pit bull.

Fortunately, a graduate student named Sarah was moved by the dog’s situation and decided to help him.

She asked her husband to stop the car while he got down to pick up the dog and take him quickly to the nearest pet clinic.

Frankie had several injuries and, as soon as he arrived, was transferred to the dog emergency room, where the vet discovered that he had a fractured pelvis in several parts.

The puppy was full of scabies and several fractures.

Although Sarah was not financially solvent, she could not abandon the puppy in that situation, she took responsibility for the bills so that they could surgically intervene little Frankie.

The young woman had never seen the dog before, but that didn’t stop her from worrying about the defenseless animal, she just wished it would recover completely, regardless of the cost.

The recovery process was long and painful for little Frankie.

The intervention was not easy, the location of the injury represented the possibility of nerve damage and the inability to urinate alone. Fortunately, the operation was a success and Frankie was left without a sequel.

Although Sarah’s economy has been severely affected by the payment of bills, she has no regrets about saving the life of such an innocent being.

Now the handsome hairy man enjoys a new home with his human parents and a canine brother. We want more people to be motivated to create just causes for the most vulnerable puppies. And see the opportunity to save a life in which others think that everything is already lost.

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Source: Zoorprendente


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