After being rescued, the old dog falls asleep knowing his’s finally safe

A group of kids spotted a little homeless dog who had been seeking refuge under a car, and contacted Hope For Paws for help.

It looked like the old dog had been defending himself for some time. While he was a little shy, he cooperated with the rescuers and allowed them to pick him up.

They brought him to their car and decided to name him Stimpy.

Stimpy definitely seemed relieved to finally be rescued. While in the car, he laid down on the soft blanket and closed his eyes. It was probably the first time he was able to close his eyes without worry in a long time.

Once they got back to the rescue, they gave him a much-needed bath and trimmed his overgrown nails.

Then it was time for him to relax. Stimpy was so tired from life on the streets, that all he wanted to do was nap.

Stimpy recovered quickly and moved into a loving foster home. He is now looking for a home forever.

Watch the Stimpy rescue on the video below:

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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