After 7 years in the shelter, this dog was finally adopted

Pirate is an 11-year-old dog who had lived at the Oahu SPCA shelter in Hawaii for 7 years. Would-be adopters would often come to see her and find her cute, but they would never adopt her as she was “too old”.

The shelter staff would often get worried for the elder Pirate. Their hearts would break every time the sweet-mannered Pirate got rejected. As time passed, it seemed that she would never find a forever home.

But Pirate’s luck took a turn when a military couple, Jennifer Hoyt and her husband, took a special interest in Pirate. However, since they didn’t have a home, they were unable to adopt her.

But the couple was so in love with Pirate, that their circumstances didn’t stop them from visiting Pirate’s kennel every day. Jennifer even bought Pirate her first soft bed and toy, and soon, Pirate was beaming with happiness.

The couple eventually got a house and officially adopted Pirate two months later. Today Pirate experiences the various happy days in her life as a pet. Watch this video through to the end, you will be inspired to adopt an elderly dog!

Click the video below to watch the Pirate’s adorable journey from a sad dog to a playful and happy dog in her new home!

Source: I Love My Dog


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