After 6 years in prison, puppy is adopted by a nursing home one day before being sacrificed

A puppy gained a new life after being adopted by a nursing home at a more than decisive moment in its history. Journey, 6 year-old, has been trapped on a Virginia farm since her birth.

When her owner died, she was sent to an overcrowded dog shelter. And she was meant to undergo euthanasia (assisted death), a legal proceeding in some US states. Upon learning of the dog’s situation, Amy Creel of the Knine Animal Rescue Team took action.

Journey was removed from the shelter the day before she was sacrificed.

With the help of Ashton community volunteers, Amy and her team were able to transfer Journey from the Virginia shelter to the neighboring state of Maryland.

The volunteers also helped the dog with food, water and housing until she was taken to a better shelter. That day, coincidentally, near where Journey was, the Sunrise Senior Life Center (CVSS) was holding a dog adoption event.

After being taken to the event, the little dog found a place in a nursing home, ready to give love and receive. She was adopted!

CVSS management allowed Journey to be taken to the nursing home. There she became the “official mascot”. For the first time free, having fun in the large space of the community center, Journey spends the day having fun, strolling and lavishing love and affection for the elderly.

In free time, food in abundance and much joy. “This little dog never had anyone to take care of her. Now you have a whole community of people who love you. This is amazing! ”Said Amy Creel. “We’re very happy for her.”

Source: Amo Meu Pet


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