After 3 years of trying to rescue a dog, they can’t hold the tears when they actually make it

How long would you be willing to invest to save a life? Kristine Munir spent three years of her life trying to rescue an abandoned dog who refused to approach her.

The first time Kristine saw Lulu was taking a walk with her dog. She saw Lulu in the mountains behind her house in California. Shee wondered, therefore, if that animal would have a family or would be lost.

Lulu wandered alone in the mountains near Kristine’s house.

No matter what, Kristine decided that this dog would not spend the night on an empty stomach and prepare some food for her.

That’s when she started feeding her every day.

Months passed and with the arrival of winter, Kristine built a house for Lulu to take refuge in.

She even ventured into the mountain several times, only to find out where this pet’s hideout might be, and who was evidently alone in the world.

Lulu scoffed at Kristine’s many efforts to catch her, but she didn’t give up. She told her story to all her friends and acquaintances, and finally the anecdote reached the right person: Matthew Daughters.

The Lulu Odyssey is proof of Kristine and Matthew’s constancy and generosity.

Matthew is a dog rescue expert, so he set out to help Kristine. He started trying to earn Lulu’s trust slowly.

The man left to feed her with his hands as long as she gave him the friendship.

Matthew couldn’t hold back tears when he learned they had finally saved Lulu

Like Kristine, Matthew was also willing to spend his time on this rescue, but one day they found that the dog was starting to go blind, so they couldn’t waste another minute.

It was then that everything conspired in favor of Kristine and Matthew and Lulu, finally gave way to the affection of these people.

Now Laura and Molly are the mothers of this dog.

Both rescuers wept with excitement knowing they had saved her life after trying for three long years.

Matthew defined Lulu’s rescue as one of his biggest odysseys. Now the mastiff is home with foster mothers Laura and Molly. Saving this dog’s life was a teamwork, characterized by love, goodwill and perseverance.

Lulu found the perfect house at the right time.

It was worth waiting for this moment to make this pet happy, don’t you think?

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