Adorable puppy is abandoned just because of his looks

Captain Morgan’s story started off as a sad one. He was abandoned as a puppy because of his appearance. His family dropped him off at a high-kill shelter solely based on his imperfections. But Cause For Paws stepped in to make sure the little pup got a second chance at life.

He was no longer wanted by his family and was separated from his mother and siblings. The dog was born with a blind left eye and a half-formed right ear.

But when Nicole Horabik of North Carolina’s Cause For Paws saw his adoption ad online, she had to find him.

She went and got the 8-week-old Pit pup and took him home. She named him Captain Morgan and posted his story to Facebook.

“I was thrown away because I wasn’t perfect. Share if you think I am perfect!!!

Nicole just wanted everyone to know that imperfect animals can still make perfect pets.

Captain Morgan immediately accepted and got along with Nicole’s other disabled dogs and started to come out of his shell.

She just hoped he’d find a forever family to love him, imperfections and all…

And her wish came true! Captain Morgan would go on to a loving forever home and be accepted for whom he is.

Source: I Love My Dog


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