Adorable puppy contemplates the rain and becomes internet sensation

It’s not just the humans who like the rain …

While many people hate rain, there are also several who await the day of their arrival eagerly. And we are not talking only about humans but also about animals. Although they are certainly only those who have a house and a family that hides them because those who live in the street end up drenched and try to resist the cold caused by rain.

The owner of this puppy never imagined that his little animal loved rain so much, but when finally rained, everything became clear to him.

The dog asked to leave and instead of playing as many would do, he lay down and watched the drops fall to the ground. But he did not lie down in any position, he leaned forward and crossed his paws, becoming relaxed.

Seeing that funny scene – his little dog contemplating the rain – the owner immediately picked up his cell phone and recorded what was happening, making his pet famous all over the internet, for that strange behavior (for a dog) and curious.

Once the video was posted on social networks, he immediately received thousands of reactions and comments about the unusual attitude of the dog and has been shared more than 175 thousand times.

Watch the lovely scene below:

Source: Catioro Reflexivo


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