Small and adorable Corgi surfs as a therapy, after an accident

Jojo is a little Corgi who has left everyone in love with his story. Four years ago the puppy suffered a terrible attack, which left many ills, especially emotional. However, his humans opted for a therapy, which generated immediate results: surfing!

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By 2014, Jojo was walking with his owner, Josephine. Before they knew it, two other dogs began to attack the family fiercely. In addition to the physical injuries, the little Corgi plunged into a deep state of stress and anxiety.

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“I was attacked in my hand but Jojo almost couldn’t survive. We had to run to a veterinarian and do a lot of rehabilitation after the operation.”

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Josephine and her husband Ryan resorted to some therapies, so the dog could regain his strength and self-confidence. So when Jojo started doing hydrotherapy, he proved to be a very talented dog in the waves.

“Jojo’s therapy is surfing. He’s regained his strength and mobility again.”

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When Jojo’s future seemed uncertain, the brave animal never gave up. He was able to recover and discover a talent that made him extremely popular. The loving Corgi has already won first place in the “Purina” dog competition and won third place in a contest for dog surfers.

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Josephine decided to share Jojo’s progress on Instagram and currently has over 75,000 followers.

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Now, little Jojo also works as a therapy dog at various institutions. He visits the military, some hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.

Jojo is currently training for his next competition in September

After several traumatic events, the puppy brings joy to others and takes full advantage of the waves. Jojo is an example to follow!

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