Child shouts a word at the adoption hearing that tells the judge everything he needs to know

Mandi and Tyler Palmer always wanted to have a child, but the couple had a hard time getting pregnant. After countless failed attempts, they decided to adopt a baby… at the adoption hearing, the child shouted a word that made the judge make his final decision.

Although Mandi and Tyler had tried countless times to have a baby, none of them succeed. “After a failed pregnancy test after another, I talked to my doctors,” Mandi said. The fact that the woman having Crohn’s disease also complicated her dreams. Because this family could not have a biological child, they decided to welcome children without parents.

“We continued to hear appeals from host families in our area. So we talked about it, we prayed, and we signed up for classes,” Mandi explained. “When we got the permit as a foster family, we got the Hunter call that week,” Mandi said.

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“We went to get him from social services, we brought him home and we went through the roller coaster of being a foster family all year,” added Mandi. After a year of uncertainty, the Palmers were finally able to begin the adoption process.

They went to court and signed the paperwork to try to complete their family officially. “It was very emotional, in a good way. We had all our family and friends there,” Mandi said. It was on that day that something very special happened … “They read the adoption decree and Hunter looked at my husband and said,” Daddy! ”

Facebook – Jody Hay Lindsey

“He just started clapping and everyone started to cry,” Mandi recalled. It’s good to look into your eyes now, and we do not have to worry about him having to leave us again. ”

Although Mandi and her husband had hesitated to enter the host program, fate took its course! “We prayed about it, and we felt God pushed us to do it,” she said. Now, Mandi knows why. His family was officially complete with Hunter, who was already like a son to them even before the official adoption.

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