Family is happy with the adopted child until she learns english and confesses her secret

Thousands of couples all over the world are eager to be able to adopt a child. Unfortunately, in some countries, the adoption process is extremely time consuming, and not everyone can fulfill their dream. That is why there are more and more people trying their luck in third world countries. Celebrities like Madonna and Angelina Jolie also did the same… but none of their children came from Uganda. The story of the adopted child we are going to talk about next explains exactly why.

The orphans of this African country have moving stories to tell, and most of them only came to light after the children learned to speak the language of the country where they went to. Thousands of girls and boys were forced to keep terrible secrets until they learned to communicate and reveal what life was really like in Uganda. But their stories were not about wars, abuse or hunger… reality was much darker.

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With so many families waiting for a child, unscrupulous organizations have sprung up around the world, aiming to profit from adoptions. Jessica and Adam Davis adopted a 5-year-old Ugandan girl from the European Adoption Consultants (EAC) in 2015. The Ohio couple already had four children, but they had lots of love to give and wanted to take care of a needy orphan.

The EAC told Jessica and Adam that Namata’s father had died, and that her mother neglected her. Knowing that the girl had been abused, had never received education and was not being fed properly, the couple was heartbroken. Of course, they wanted to save Namata from such a horrible life!

Adopted child reveals truth

Six months after arriving at her new home, Namata’s english had finally improved enough for her to share a chilling secret with Jessica. The girl already had a family, and she was very happy in Uganda! In addition, the girl said that she missed her mother, who took her to school every day. Jessica and Adam were horrified when they realized they had taken a child from her beloved family!

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Unfortunately, it was not just the Davis family that was cheated. Namata’s real mother believed that her daughter was being sponsored by the American couple for a year or two. The fraudulent adoption agency said the girl would receive an excellent education before returning home after that time.

Illegal adoption network discovery

Keren Riley, who heads a group called Reunite Uganda, helped Namata to get in touch with her birth mother through social networks. It was then that the gravity of the situation was finally discovered. Thousands of Ugandan mothers think they are doing the best for their children. They think they will receive education in America for a year or two. But in fact, children are being sold to families who think they are adopting an orphan in need.

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Jessica and Adam were informed that, legally, they could keep Namata. But the couple knew the girl was very homesick for her biological family, so they reversed the adoption papers and the girl reunited with her mother. Thanks to this story, police discovered other adoptions that were as dark as Namata’s, and they managed to shut down the EAC agency forever.

Let’s share the story of this girl, so that families can keep and eye on fraudulent adoption agencies. Fortunately, Namata was taken from her mother but she was able to remember where she came from and what had happened. Some children don’t have the same luck… Please share so we can stop human traffic once and for all!

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