Adolescent bullied because of his face sees car stopping at his house – his mother runs and is speechless to see the appearance of the visitor

Adults are very cruel to each other, but children and young people can be much more. Austin Niehus was born with Goldenhar Syndrome, a very rare genetic condition that causes a craniofacial defect. Because of that, he suffers heavily from bullying and discrimination in school. The deformity of the bullied teenager is due to the incomplete development of his ears, nose, lips and jaw.

Although Austin has had several surgeries, he remains an optimistic boy. His family describes him as loving, intelligent, and gentle. But as the boy is so different from his peers, he has become a victim of cruel bullying from a very early age.

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Austin was constantly intimidated and insulted at school. This made him feel isolated and away from all the other children. All he wanted was a friend to talk to… would it be asking too much? In addition, he longed to meet other people with Goldenhar Syndrome. However, the condition is so rare that he knew the chances of this happening were minimal.

Youtube – TLC

The dream seemed impossible, but it came true! When Austin turned 15, the young man met someone like him. In the clip below, we can see the boy waiting for a very special visitor in his house, located in Colorado.

The meeting

When an unknown car parked in the garage, Austin looked out the window and raved. He immediately called for his mother, Kera, and his two brothers. “They are here!” the Niehus family screams. “Oh my God! Here she comes, here she comes!” What follows is a truly exciting encounter between two people who desperately need someone who understands them. The meeting could not be more perfect.

Watch the moment when two teenagers with Goldenhar Syndrome first meet. It’s impossible not to get emotional…

We all need someone to talk to, and someone to understand us. We are happy that these two teenagers have finally found true friendship… and we hope that their lives will now become a little easier.

Their appearance may not be normal, but they seem to be incredibly fantastic people and don’t deserve to be intimidated. Share if you think their classmates should give them a chance and stop bullying once and for all!

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