Mom burns and kills the abuser of her daughter – now, the judge decides the unthinkable

We never know what we’re able to do until we see someone we love in danger, just like this woman who burned and killed the abuser of her daughter. Almost 20 years ago, on October 17th of 1998, Veronica, who was only 13 years old, was raped while buying bread in Alicante, a neighborhood of Spain.

The monster who did this was a man named Antonio Cosme, who threatened her with a knife. The girl’s life changed forever after that terrible attack. Luckily, justice was done and the abuser went to jail. However, seven years later, Antonio came back to haunt the lives of the mother and her daughter.

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On June 13th of 2005, the abuser was released from prison and the first thing he did was to approach Veronica’s mother, Maria del Carmen, to ask how her daughter was doing. The woman and her daughter had already been threatened, and Antonio’s “greeting” was taken by the woman as another death threat against the little girl.

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Fearing what the man could do, Maria del Carmen went to a nearby gas station. Then, she bought a bottle of fuel and went to the bar where the abuser was, setting him on fire. Obviously, the man died and the woman was arrested for what she did.

Today, 12 years later, justice has announced that Maria del Carmen will be released before Christmas, after receiving pardon from the court.

Youtube – Univision Noticias

She says she doesn’t remember anything from the incident, but the family of the late Antonio wants justice for the monster. What do you think? MarĂ­a del Carmen must be released after killing her daughter’s abuser?

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