Abused dog gets so traumatized that he urinates every time someone touches him

All animals have the right to a dignified and respectable life, according to their needs! They are entitled to a home, food, health care, and especially, much love and affection! Unfortunately, there are dogs that have never experienced this kind of perk … Many animals do not know what the warmth of a home means, let alone a complete meal, accompanied by a lot of love and affection. Today we will meet a mistreated dog, who was very scared, but who ended up having the life that always dreamed!

Abused dog gets so traumatized that he urinates every time someone touches him

One dog, named Otto, was rescued from extreme abuse that left him severely traumatized. He was so terrified he could not even stand. All he did was lie down and urinate … Animal behavior experts said Otto could not live with humans and suggested moving to a sanctuary, but shelter staff never gave up.

He received treatments, love and a lot of attention. Volunteers wanted the dog to know they were there to help and not to hurt him. Gradually, the battered dog stopped being afraid. Leaving his protective shield, he eventually revealed his personality!

After a few months, they saw this dog turn from an animal that was scared and could not even move, to a nice, extroverted dog. The dog was adopted, despite what the “experts” had predicted. In addition, he still had the right to a canine brother! Otto walks with his brother every day and will surely receive love for the rest of his life …

See the incredible transformation of this little dog:

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Source: Hola Wamiz


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