Dad travels more than 1,600 km to abuse 9-year-old girl – but he didn’t know it was a trap

It ‘s simply disgusting to know that there are people trying to abuse and steal the innocence of children. This man we’re talking about traveled 1,600km to abuse a girl… It’s hard to believe that, isn’t it? The 64-year-old monster is married and has two kids, which makes it all the more scary.

Mark Andrew Nichols left Texas and went to Florida, ready to abuse a 9-year-old girl. It all started when he responded to an ad that said “parents with experience to learn new things about how to raise young children”. After that, he spoke to a man who, supposedly, wanted his daughter to enter the fashion world.

After exchanging several messages, Mark realized that the girl’s father had other hidden intentions for her daughter. The man told Mark that he and his wife thought it would be a good idea for someone to abuse their 9-year-old daughter, and they wanted to give that “opportunity” to him.

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Instead of refusing, the married man with two children accepted this horrible proposal. So he said he would visit his family in Florida to abuse the girl but first he wanted to make sure his parents were comfortable with it.

The conversation didn’t stop there and they exchanged disgusting messages about what they would do with the girl. The father gave Mark the green light to do everything he wanted with the child. They set a date and the 64-year-old man traveled 1,600 km to comply with the agreement.

However, when he arrived, he had something completely different than he expected: cops. The girl’s “father” was, in fact, a secret detective who had created an advertisement and a false profile to identify potential child abusers on the internet. Mark was arrested immediately and remains in police custody.

Daily Mail

Unfortunately, this is the dark, sickly world we live in. But we are grateful for the work of these policemen, who made the world a safer place. The internet is a place full of pedophiles. Share it with other parents so they are alert and monitor their children’s online chats.

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