Have you noticed that in every party there is always someone who is always surrounded by people? Generally an older person with life experience and a smile from ear to ear typical of those who lived a lot.

Have you found out why everyone is around this person?

If you have not found out then you will end up knowing the effect of a good story. A story, be it joyful or sad has almost always a lesson behind. But a story is always better when it is well told, and then you realize the power of the good storytellers. They make an event into a set of captivating words, which pass from word of mouth to legend.

Through the stories you can live what you never did, or sometimes what you should not. A lesson heard is not suffered, and life tastes better when it is joyful.

Stories With Value came from my overwhelming willingness to share with you all the stories I find that I think are worth listening to. Pull up a chair and accompany me on this adventure.

Signed, The Storyteller.