Man abandons his ex-girlfriend’s dog in the middle of nowhere – then a stranger brings him back home

In late November, a Pit Bull dog was found alone in Maryland. Luckily, the cub had a microchip and the Caroline County Humane Society managed to find out where he came from: Wichita, Kansas. Eventually volunteers got in touch with the dog’s mother, and that’s where they learned the dramatic story of how he ended up in Maryland.

The cub, whose name is Zimba, embarked on a fun trip with her mother’s boyfriend at the time. But while they were gone, the relationship was over… He was so upset that he apparently abandoned the dog in Maryland and stopped responding to any phone call from his ex-girlfriend.

The owner of the animal has been searching for him since his disappearance and was eager to find out if he was safe. However, she didn’t know how she could make the journey of more than 1,600 miles to fetch her because of her work and her children.

So that’s where Zach Holt heard the story of Zimba and decided to take action! The man’s wife works in a shelter and when she told him about the abandoned dog, the good-hearted man immediately offered to make the long journey.

Zach and Zimba met, got into the car and headed off! Check out the video below to find out more about this act of kindness:

Man leaves the ex-girlfriend’s dog in the middle of nowhere

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Source: Little Things


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