Man is filmed violently abandoning a dog in Portugal!

The surveillance cameras of a Portuguese kennel, more precisely in Coimbra, caught a man abandoning a dog in an inhumane way. In the clip, you can watch a car stopping near the kennel fence. Then a man leaves the vehicle and after a few seconds withdraws the dog from the vehicle. The worst came next… The man comes near the fence and throws the dog over it.

The poor animal is incredulous and terrified, watching his “owner” leave the place. Pedro Simões was the author of the video, as he volunteered at the shelter and watched the whole scene through the cameras. Unfortunately, cases of neglect and animal abuse seem to be endless, and innocent beings like this continue to suffer each passing day.

Let’s hope this monster gets arrested and pays for all the damage he caused to this helpless animal…

Man is filmed abandoning a dog

Watch the moment of abandonment in the video below:

A real monster… How can anyone be so cruelly?

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Source: Tá Bonito


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