Shelter filmed the heart breaking moment a dog understands that he was abandoned by his owner

For many people to abandon an animal is a normal thing … The day comes when they go on vacation and abandon the sweet loyal friend that kept them company throughout the year. It’s a shame these people have never seen the faces of the animals they abandon. Once they leave the animal they turn their backs and go their way without ever thinking about it again.

How can they abandon a life like this?

When pets are abandoned a new chapter of their lives begins. Loneliness, confusion and fear are their new reality. They have no choice.

Do people not feel remorse or regret?

This Pit Bull was abandoned by its owners. The look on the poor dog’s face is only a small demonstration of his heart break. She is hurt and lonely … She is going through exactly what thousands of canines and felines spend every day, all over the world.

If feeling hurt had a face, that would be it. Electra was adopted but there are so many thousands of animals waiting for their great opportunity. Help them!

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Source: IHeartDos


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