Abandoned Pit Bull doesn’t want to move – until a boy shows up 2 days later

Nala is a Pit Bull who lived in the streets, until she was rescued by some volunteers. They took her to the Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue, but the owner of the shelter, Abbie Van Der Plax, quickly discovered that the little dog looked very depressed.

Despite the fresh water, good food, and a blanket to sleep on, Nala seemed inconsolable. She would sit or lie on her blanket, sometimes even looking up when they talked to her.

For two days, Abbie tried to comfort the animal, but nothing helped. Nala was stressed, scared and depressed! The poor dog was in pain because of bad experiences from the past, and she did not want anyone to be present.

So Abbie had an idea: to bring Zack, her 7-year-old son, to see if the presence of a child could break through the barriers that Nala was putting on for the adults. The result was seen by almost 5 million people on YouTube and it’s not difficult to understand why.

Zack’s presence was all it took for Nala to relax and flourish, as the boy was a synonym for trust. Check out the moment when the little girl got rid of all the sadness in the video below:

Abandoned Pit Bull doesn’t want to move


Friendship between animals and children are the purest and most loving things on the planet, and the images we just saw are the proof of that.

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Source: LAOWL


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