Abandoned kitten runs after couple to be adopted by them

Karianna and her partner were driving through an open field when they saw a kitten running alone.

The street girl, only 6-weeks-old, then ran towards the couple as fast as her four little legs could:

As soon as she reached them, she followed them closely by their feet and didn’t leave their side.

The kitten was dirty and had only skin and bones. The couple couldn’t find a cat and other kittens in the area, so they knew they had to help.

They picked her up and took her to the car. She cuddled up in Karianna’s arms as if she knew she was safe.

Fielda trusted Karianna from the very first moment.

They cleaned her up and affectionately called her Fielda, in honor of where they found her. She was loving from the beginning, never being shy or fearful. The next day she was taken to the vet for a medical examination.

She was covered with fleas, ear mites and had a mild case of mycosis.

Look how Fielda had a second chance.

It took a few weeks for the mycosis to disappear, but the tabby was resilient and very happy to have a home, a comfortable bed to sleep in and loving human beings to accompany it.

The couple had another cat named Leon, one year older. They kept the kittens apart for a while until Fielda was clinically free to meet her new friend.

Leon became his best friend and never left him.

Leon took a second to get used to it, but Fielda loved Leon from the first moment.

The persistent kitten provoked her friend by playing hide and seek, constantly trying to get her attention. Faithful she was determined to deserve it and would not take no for an answer.

It took them a few weeks to become inseparable friends, and once Leon accepted it, nothing was able to separate them. Faithful accompanies Leon all over the house, and he was trying to teach his little protege to be a decent cat.

She really is a lucky kitten. It’s been a year since her rescue and she and Leon are still best friends with cats. She was lucky enough to fall into the right hands at the right time and access something that any pet wants: a loving home.

Today, Fielda is a very happy kitten!

Never doubt that a pet deserves good opportunities. Kittens are great fighters, willing to be grateful for all the love you can offer them.

Fielda’s story proves this, so it’s worth sharing.

Source: Zoorprendente


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