Abandoned inside a sewer, mare is rescued after being left for days without eating or drinking

Every day, we deal with countless stories involving cruelty and mistreatment of animals. Despite so much suffering, we find light, and light in abundance, in stories that started badly but ended with happy endings worthy of the movies.

Stories of overcoming, welcoming, and empathy make it all bearable in the end.

A few days ago, the Luisa Mell Institute, Brazilian non-profit animal protection and environmental NGO that works mainly in the rescue of injured or endangered animals, recovery and adoption, shared a touching rescue story of a mare named Duquesa.

“She was abandoned without dignity, in the middle of the sewer, without food, without clean water. But now she is here and we will fight for her until the end, her condition is extremely serious, but we will not give up! ✨♥️ cheer for our Duchess”, wrote the NGO.

Duquesa was taken to the headquarters of the Institute in São Paulo (SP) and will be submitted to examinations. Once they are aware of her prognosis, a veterinary team will provide medication and a correct diet for the mare to regain her weight and health.

We hope that Duchess will be 100% soon so that she can run free in nature again. Far, therefore, from the chains and cruelty of some so-called human beings.

Know more by watching the video below:

Source: Portal Do Animal


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