Abandoned in a yard, dog can’t stop smiling after being rescued

The reality for each rescued dog is different. We cannot deny that on the streets they face great battles until activists and animal lovers decide to transform their lives and give them a new opportunity.

In shelters, the recovery process is different for each puppy. Some not only have physical injuries, but also emotional ones that take longer to heal.

However, there are also those puppies that from the very first moment cannot stop thanking you.

Elmo is one of these puppies.

The first day he was a bit shy, but this reflected his playful personality.

Although there is no information about who is responsible for so much damage, rescuers are thankful to have arrived in time.

Both puppies were transferred to the KC Pet Project. A non-profit organization that cares for the welfare of vulnerable animals in Kansas, Missouri. Tori Fugate, a member of the Kc Pet Project team, commented on this:

“We think a neighbor probably realized the dogs were left there and called Animal Control to report them.”

One of the puppies, Elmo, especially caught the attention of the rescuers. Although at first, meeting he seemed sad, just a caress was enough to change his personality.

After being examined by the veterinary team and making sure that everything was fine, the shelter allowed this cute puppy to walk around a park and several of the city’s historical monuments.

His smile is the best gift for those who see you passing by.

Elmo’s attitude was eye-catching, everywhere he went he was always excited, wagging his tail tenderly and with the most beautiful smile ever.

His rescuers were so indulgent with him that they were encouraged to give him some other treats.

“He even went to a local beauty salon,”. Tori commented.

Since arriving at the shelter, the puppy has won over all the staff with his sweet smile. And of course, it conveys tenderness and joy.

His excitement increased every time he went out for a walk, apparently, he knew that this was his opportunity to shine and continue to win more hearts.

 In this regard, Tori commented:

“He gets a cute smile on his face when he is running in the opposite direction or when he knows he will be outside the shelter.”

This rescue center allows dogs to take a walk around the shelter thanks to a program called KC Pet Project’s.

For Elmo, it’s not only an opportunity to get out of the kennel, but a great possibility to find a permanent family.

This cute little puppy loves to make friends and be spoiled. He also loves soft beds, noisy toys, and interacting with children.

“After being abandoned in his old home, you might think he would never trust humans again, but that is not the case with him. When you meet Elmo and see his happy smile, you know that he deserves a home and a family that will love him.” Tori said.

Elmo deserves the best in the world and fortunately he is getting it. A family saw the photos of the smiling puppy and did not hesitate to adopt him. Today she continues to radiate happiness and cheer everyone up with her beautiful smile .

When you want to love and be part of another’s happiness, distance doesn’t matter. Without a doubt, there’s no greater gift for all furry animal lovers than to see them loved and happy.

Source: Zoorprendente


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