Bought online as Christmas present, Ronnie became the first dog to be abandoned in 2018

If you’re an animal lover then you know that dogs are a lifetime commitment. They are not “disposable”. However, at Christmas, many people buy dogs as presents and hand them over to people who aren’t prepared for such a responsibility. Today we’ll meet Ronnie, a 8 week old puppy that was bought online and a few days later was left at the Battersea Dogs and Cats Rescue,┬áin London.

Facebook – Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

The puppy is being kept in the shelter to receive vaccines, undergo medical examinations and receive a microchip. Once he’s ready, the puppy will be directed to a loving and responsible home!

“He’s so affectionate, even with new people, and he loves a hug. He also likes to play with toys and run around the kitchen, he’s such a sweet boy.”, said Alice Holt, a Battersea staff member.

Facebook – Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

“It doesn’t shock any of us that the first dog on our doorstep in 2018 was bought online.” said Steven Craddock, owner of the shelter.

Sadly, the veterinary team believes that Ronnie was taken from his family very early and probably sold by a breeder regardless of the consequences. One of the biggest problems faced by animal welfare advocates is the sale of dogs online.

Facebook – Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Steven hopes that Ronnie’s story will help people seriously consider the enormous responsibility a dog’s ownership entails. This story is also a reminder to adopt shelter dogs instead of buying them from inhuman breeders.

The shelter received an irresistible response from potential adopters, and once they choose the perfect owner, the little one will be taken to his ultimate home:

Remember: don’t buy, adopt!

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Source: Animal Channel


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