Abandoned elderly dog dies hugging his rescuer days after being rescued

Owning a pet is serious business. Everyone, without exception, should understand the responsibility it takes to care for an animal and give it the love, care, and respect that every living being deserves. However, the reality is sometimes quite different, unfortunately.

Such is the case with Cookie, a sweet and cuddly puppy, who after reaching old age was abandoned to his own devices on the streets of California, USA. Apparently, his former managers considered that he had expired. They simply discarded him as a useless old piece of trash.

Stories that cannot be explained, but the truth is that at the age of 14, the poor big-eared man lost the support of those who, until then, had at least given him a roof over his head and food. In fact, whether he was really loved, that’s still in question.

Since that unfortunate moment when they decided to leave him, Cookie’s life has never been the same.

However, when he arrived at death’s door, at least he had the company of activists from the organization that gave him the best moments of his life.

And although Cookie did not draw his last breath surrounded by his acquaintances, whom he loved all his life, with him were his true friends, those who are sometimes discovered at the last moment.

“We hugged little Cookie tenderly as he crossed over to the other side of the rainbow. As soon as we found him on Sunday, April 25, we were at the shelter to rescue another little old man and they asked us if we could help this 14-year-old furry man who was left by his family because he was ‘too old'”, said the organization.

Cookie’s past was a happy one. His caretakers never showed any signs of wanting to get rid of him. Sure, back then he had all the energy and vitality of youth. However, just as people sometimes grow old, they did without him when he began to have seizures in his golden years.

“They also told us that in addition to being very old, he ‘sometimes has seizures’. Now, I really don’t know what the real circumstances were that brought us to our refuge, all we know is that when he arrived, he was at the end of his life”, they added.

He was thin and his health was very bad.

Therefore, the volunteers understood that the best thing for him was a good dose of love and companionship, and he felt like the most loved dog in the world in his last days of existence.

They didn’t hesitate to help him. He came to the right place. There they fed him, bathed him, cut his nails, and most of all, gave him security and confidence that he would never be alone again.

Cookie stayed at the shelter for only two days, but those were the sweetest 48 hours for him and his caretakers. He died irrecoverably, but thanks to the good deeds of these people, in the end he knew only kindness, empathy and dedication.

The old puppy died in the arms of his rescuer, listening to the heartbeats that indicated the way to the other plane, where he will rest in peace.

Tears flowed from every face and the volunteers’ hearts exploded as they said goodbye to the cute puppy. They said goodbye to him with a collective hug, showing him the love that should never have been missed .

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It’s extremely important to draw the attention of all those responsible for pets to avoid leaving them alone, especially when they need more company.

Source: Zoorprendente


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