Abandoned dog with a severe case of scabies is rescued and adopted

When a small puppy in England was abandoned by its careless owners, it broke the heart of the whole veterinary team that welcomed it. The young dog was basically “naked”, hairless due to a serious case of mange.

Soon after this sickly wrinkled puppy was rescued from his previous life, he found an eternal home.

Although veterinary worker Jessie DeFreitas already had many pets at home, she fell in love with the small rescue called Honey. There was something in the sweet puppy’s eyes that simply stole Jessie’s heart.

“When they told me we had a new dog, I had to see him. He may have scabies, but he had beautiful eyes,” said DeFreitas.

When Honey was left in the vet’s office, he desperately needed help. Because of his condition, he needed constant care and attention – but Jessie didn’t care. She was happy to devote her time to taking care of Honey.

During the three months of home care, the puppy has completely transformed!

Now Honey has a full coat, has a healthy weight and is incredibly loving and happy.

“He recovered very well. You can see it in his eyes – he got happier and happier” – she said. “He is incredible. He is just the kindest and sweetest thing.

Today he is an amazing puppy with many happy days ahead! It’s really terrible what his old family did to him; Your case of scabies must have been incredibly painful. But thanks to a generous veterinarian’s office, a loving new mother, and great care, this little boy has a new chance to live!

Source: I Love My Dog

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