Abandoned dog was mistreated by people just because he smelled bad, until a kind man rescued him

Imagine how this poor dog felt being shunned by all the people who passed him. They considered him unworthy just because his infected wounds made him stink. Some even threw stones at him. It was not his fault that he smelled bad! He didn’t ask to be sick! And it’s not like he can take you to the vet. How cruel!

Finally, by God’s miracle, came a man who didn’t care what he smelled and decided he would help the innocent dog. The dog didn’t want to get out from under the truck. He was scared and didn’t trust people. People had been so mean to him before! People made him feel like a monster.

The kind man picked him up and took him home. The sick dog desperately needed a good night’s sleep and some food, and then the man would take him to the medical clinic. The next morning, however, he refused to eat, and although he could sit now, he still could not walk.

The vet said he was not walking because he had an infection and was very anemic. He started the dog on a high calorie diet and administered an iron infusion. This worked wonders!

Although the man was poor, he decided that the dog belonged to him. He knew he could give her a loving home. The vet of the medical clinic has worked out a payment plan and promised to help with the food as well.

In this part of the world, the abandoned are everywhere. Knowing that this former stray dog is now in a home was exactly what the vet needed to hear! He may not be living a luxurious life, but he will be rich in love!

Watch the video below to learn more about this story:

Source: I Love My Dog


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