Abandoned dog was found lying in the garbage – Today he is adopted and loved

Chico is one of those animals that have the misfortune to find the wrong families.

Some animals grow old and die alongside their humans, receiving love and affection for life. Others don’t share the same fate.

Rescue group Doggie Bonez learned of a puppy sleeping in an extremely dangerous area on top of a trapped pile of garbage. When they approached the scene, they immediately noticed the risks.

The vehicles passed constantly, and anything could cause the dog trouble.

At first, they realized that the sadness in their eyes was enormous. They tried to feed him a hamburger and although at first, he was not very interested, little by little he began to give in and tried the sandwich.

They still had the question of whether the dog was hurt or not. He didn’t want to get up from the place he had chosen to protect himself, so they tried to motivate him a little with a juicy burger.

Little by little, Chico stood up and, to the happiness of the rescuers, he had no obvious injuries or health problems.

It was time for the dog to leave his corner full of garbage and move on to a new life, so they took advantage of his docility to pick him up and take him away.

They found out Chico had a necklace, but not a microchip. He belonged to a family, but there was no way of knowing who was responsible for his abandonment.

Upon arrival at the vet, it was determined that, except for depression, malnutrition, and dehydration, Chico’s health was good.

Not only did he get all the attention he needed, but he also got a well-deserved bath. In a very short time, Chico let his personality emerge!

Lovely, playful and intelligent, he looked like a very different animal from the one they had taken from the streets.

Now, to the joy of all concerned, he has a formidable and loving family.

Watch more about this rescue in the video below:

Source: Zoorprendente


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