Abandoned dog waited for 6 months on the same spot for his owner to come back for him

Monter Wu is a woman living in the city of Taichung, Taiwan. On several occasions, she then noticed the presence of a very well-behaved and affectionate dog that was always on the outskirts of a supermarket until she discovered his history.

The dog in question had been abandoned by its owner in that place one day.

The dog’s owner suddenly arrived at the grocery store, stopped the truck, lowered the pet, returned to the vehicle. And regardless of the animal’s pleas to let him go with him, he went on his way and got rid of him forever.

So from that sad day until now, the dog whose name is unknown to anyone has been waiting in the same place for its owner to return to him.

When he sees vans or vehicles similar to the man who abandoned him in the nearby parking lot, he approaches them, thinking it is time to return home.

Many people were moved by the dog, who is not only affectionate and well educated, but also easy to love people.

Many supermarket customers take the opportunity to feed and see it well, despite being at the mercy of any danger on the streets.

With winter imminent, Monter Wu had the initiative to send a video of the dog to a Facebook group.

In it, he explains that she cannot take care of the animal, but expects someone to be touched by her story and wants to return the warmth of a home to this noble abandoned pet.

Mrs. Wu provided the dog with a blanket to protect him from the cold, and the group administrator where his story was released took the dog to a veterinarian for a medical review.

There it was determined that the animal was between two and three years old, was quite healthy and vaccinated, especially to protect it from heartworm disease.

In the video, which soon went viral on social networks, hundreds of people knew the sad story of this dog. Which, like many, was suddenly abandoned on the streets by an irresponsible owner.

Much to the delight of Monter Wu, many people showed interest in the dog and wanted to know exactly where he was to adopt him.

Fortunately for this animal, he got a new home.

A man named Wang, who lives in Fengyuan’s Taichung District, is the new owner of this pet and took him home.

Monter Wu thanked this man who decided to shelter this pet, who spent six months on the streets, waiting unselfishly for the return of a master who never returned.

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Source: Zoorprendente