Abandoned dog that lost everything takes refuge in the arms of his teddy bear

Faithfulness is one of the most beautiful virtues that a living being can have. One of the creatures that is characterised by affection towards others is our canine friends.

Unfortunately, not all puppies are rewarded with the same loyalty they give to their owners. They tend to suffer in the process of abandonment and separation.

This is the story of Ellie, only one-year-old, who lived with her family in Dallas, Texas. But unexpectedly, in the early days of June this year her human left her in a local shelter.

The family took care of all the vaccines, the sterilization surgery, and the microchip. “So just leave her at the nearest shelter after you have her for months,” said an independent dog rescuer from New York, Jennifer Jessup.

The dog was very scared and homesick on arrival at the shelter. In just a few seconds, Ellie lost everything she knew, both her home, her family, and the love she got.

But Ellie being so loving, she could only support her stay in the shelter away from the others along with her teddy bear. The teddy bear was the only memory she had from her life and, her family.

Jennifer was worried about little Ellie and her loneliness. The dog was anxious for a family who gave her attention and affection, and to who she could give love.

Fortunately, Jennifer has a brother who lives in Florida. The main took time off with the intention of adopting a copy of Blue Lacy and asked his sister to help him find a cub of that breed to be part of his life.

From that moment, Jennifer began the task by joining a rescue group and, checking the pages for the adoption of rescued puppies. That way, it was like finding TAGG Rescue headquarters in Dallas, which hosted the loving Ellie and told how she was behaving in the shelter.

“I have a friend in Texas with whom I got in touch and, he said that he would get her. He took her out of the shelter with her teddy bear and took her to a place where they gave her a shower and, they made sure that all the paperwork was in order, and that she was completely examined,” said Jennifer.

The dog was later taken to a foster home before her move to Florida. Every moment she spent indoors, her improvement could be seen, even though she was still hugging her teddy bear.

In fact, Ellie is a home dog. After the long trip, she was exhausted. But after meeting her human, she could hug him and, everyone had a good feeling about it.

Jennifer’s brother is delighted and hopefully. Soon Ellie will also fully adapt to her new life and family in Florida.

Source: Zoorprendente


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