Abandoned dog takes his rescuer into the forest to find his best friend

It was just another driving day in Florida for Dan O’Grady, when he spotted a Jack Russell terrier on the side of the road, with no humans in sight looking after the pooch that seemed clearly abandoned there.

O’Grady then rushed to help the dog but every time he came close to him, he would bark and step towards the woods so Dan decided to follow him and when he did, boy, was he surprised! Turns out, the dog led him to where his friend bunny was. O’Grady took the two of them to his truck and to the nearest animal shelter, feeding them along the way with what he had. He even named the cute pair: the dog was named Highway and the bunny Interstate.

Sadly, the nearest shelter wouldn’t take Interstate and O’Grady had to drive him to another one.

The good news is: they were both adopted and although they are no longer together, their paths crossing at the beginning helped them both survive!

Source: GIF club


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