Abandoned dog returns to his flooded home hoping to find his owners

Dogs are the most faithful animals on the planet. But, unfortunately, some owners don’t show the same loyalty and end up abandoning them in the worst circumstances.

Heavy rains in Tabasco, Mexico, caused mobilization of many residents. They left aside those who have always been there and in the midst of a natural tragedy are as vulnerable as any other living being.

Thanks to the rescue groups, dozens of animals were saved from a tragic end.

An example of this is Máximo, rescued by the Mexican and International Animal Movement. The dog was standing on his hind legs at the door of what had been his home, waiting for his owners to come and get him.

The dog doesn’t understand why his owners abandoned him.

Fortunately, he was seen by rescuers. They approached him and took him to a shelter where they offered him a better quality of life.

However, the puppy resists the changes. Faithful to his owners he has escaped several times to return home.

Some residents of the area reported that he returned three times. He kept looking at the front door in the hope that his owners would come back for him. However, this didn’t happen.

If the rescue team had not arrived in time, your home would now be your tomb.

Faced with Máximo’s insistence on returning, the authorities searched the property. They believed that a person was under arrest and that this was what motivated him to return. But after an intense search, they found nothing.

Please don’t leave them alone.

Source: Zoorprendente


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