Abandoned dog looked through the gate bars waiting for someone to help him

A dog was allegedly dumped in a park years ago and eventually sought refuge in someone’s backyard. The neighbors, Becca and Jerry, called Hope For Paws and asked if they could help him out.

The couple had been leaving him food for weeks since he had been fending for himself, but this poor pup needed much more than food.

He sat there every day, peeking his head through the gate, waiting for someone to notice him. When rescuers arrived, he knew they were there to help and was so relieved.

They decided to name him Gossamer, and from that moment, his new life began.

He said his thank you’s and goodbye’s to Becca and Jerry and then headed to the clinic, where his dirty, matted fur was shaved off. He got a much-needed bath and came out looking like a whole new dog!

Now that Gossamer is clean and healthy, he is looking for a loving family to enjoy his new life with.

He is always happy and showing off his pearly whites, but a forever home would make him even happier!

Watch the video of your rescue below:

Source: I Love My Dog


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