Abandoned dog inside trailer, gets strength to jump window and ask for help

A blue-nosed pit bull named Ace jumped out a window while listening to someone nearby talking. He didn’t jump because he was aggressive, but to save his own life.

The 6-year-old dog was dying of hunger and then when he heard the voices of his neighbors, he jumped out the window to try to get help.

People seeing such a scenario ran towards the dog and entered the trailer, finding another dog, called Mooch, lying almost lifeless on the ground. The poor guy could barely raise his head. Two closed cans of dog food were the only possible source of food for both of them.

Part of a tooth was found in the can that one of them tried to open to get the food. Besides these cans, the dogs had some water in a bathtub.

As a result of all this, Eugenio N. Charles III, 28-years-old and apparent owner of the trailer, was then charged with a serious crime aggravated by cruelty to animals.

Charles also faces two counts of a misdemeanor for failing to provide proper sustenance and hurting and torturing animals. The Good Samaritans institution called for help, after already providing care to dogs. Dr. Thomas Lopez, of the Wellsville Veterinarian Clinic, examined both and commented that Mooch weighed only 12kg when he should weigh about 27.

The two animals are fortunately recovering, never ceasing to be two small friendly, and super affectionate.

Source: Portal Do Animal


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