Abandoned dog gives birth while tied in the middle of nowhere

Abandoning an animal is always something terrible, but abadoning an animal that carries 4 puppies in its belly is even worse! At the end of the day, there are 5 lives that are being put at risk … and that’s exactly what happened in the case we’ll see below. When will these situations stop?

These acts of cruelty should be punished by law, to serve as an example and prevent future situations. Today we will know the story of a pregnant dog that was tied in the middle of nowhere but ended up having a happy ending!

Abandoned dog gives birth while tied in the middle of nowhere

A dog named Lara, mixed with Pit Bull was found in the forest tied in the middle of nowhere, where she gave birth to a litter of four puppies. Luckily she survived the birth, and did everything she could to keep her young. They spent 10 days without a shelter, without food and without water … Until finally they were rescued by the association Orphan Pet.

Unfortunately, during the process, one of the pups eventually died … He simply could not resist the dangers of being in the open for so long! The good news is that Lara and her other 3 puppies are strong and healthy. They now have people who look after them, but are still waiting for someone responsible to adopt them and take them to a definitive home.

This story began in a rather tragic way. But fortunately, it ended up having a very nice ending! Watch the clip below and try not to get excited over this lovely family

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Source: Hola Wamiz


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