Abandoned dog found with a broken jaw after being hit and ignored

When there are so many homeless animals wandering about, it’s easy to get overlooked. That doesn’t make it right, however, it is a sad reality that exists in many poverty-stricken countries. This poor baby was all alone in terrible pain. He was hit by a car and left to suffer with a broken jaw. He was already suffering from mange and eye infections.

The poor dog couldn’t eat or drink. He just walked around, ignored. As the video attached below says, “We can’t even begin to describe how absolutely embarrassing this is for all of us. We’re ashamed. Deeply ashamed. Apart from the monster who hit him, the entire village served as silent accomplices, ignoring the little one for many days.”

Yes, that is an embarrassment. But thankfully someone stepped up and called in rescuers to help him. He was picked up and taken to the emergency vet. He’s fed with a syringe and given IV fluids and antibiotics while they worked to raise funds for his surgery.

They finally raised enough money for his surgery and he did well. But he continues to fight. His survival is not guaranteed.

The video adds: “The operation was not easy but he’s such a real fighter and very patient dog. He is a fighter and has touched the hearts of so many people. He needs a long way to recovery. Please join us to pray for him. We’re so thankful and so grateful to everyone for helping him.”

We surely can do our part and send the sweet dog our prayers, right? Let’s do more than that. Let’s share his story so he gets even more prayers! He deserves all our well wishes and support. Hang in there, little guy!

Some images in the video below are upsetting but we promise this precious dog is being well-cared for.

Source: I Love My Dog


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