Abandoned dog eats rocks to survive – Now has the right to a second chance at life

It’s amazing how animals can only ask for help with expressions or barks in the case of some puppies. The truth is that the miserable situation of some dogs denounces their lives of abandonment and mistreatment.

The most complicated situation after helping an animal in trouble is to see his positive evolution and notice that something bad is happening to the poor animal. These are situations that none of us would like to go through. Unfortunately, everything does not always go the way we planned.

Alex is a very skinny Weimaraner. He survived by feeding on boughs and rocks and was rescued in October. Since then the little one has made a remarkable recovery. Best of all, he’s already found an adoptive mother!

Life With Dogs

“When I met him, he was very skinny and what attracted me to him were his scary and penetrating eyes,” said Diane Lundeen.

“We saw a terrified and emaciated dog that needed help and needed quick help,” said Deanna Theis, the assistant director of the Southern Animal Foundation. “Seeing the picture was one thing, seeing him in person was very emotional. When I caught him, I could not stop crying and feel very sad for him,” the woman said. “I hugged him and kissed him on the head and said he was okay now.”

Life With Dogs

“He was hesitantly getting out of his transport box, but when he left, he immediately kicked my hand and started wagging his tail.”

An X-ray revealed that the dog’s stomach was full of rocks and branches. His stomach turned almost immediately after being taken to the care, requiring emergency surgery. The 20-pound dog was in a long-term recovery period.

After some intensive care, Diane, mother of two other Weimies, said. “He gained 10 pounds in his first 10 days staying with me. This pointed out to me that he would recover very quickly.”

Life With Dogs

The dog that ate rocks to survive lives happily today.

On December 5, Diane gave fans of SAF a fantastic update: “Alex Update. All is going really well”.

Life With Dogs

“I woke up with him on my bed with his head resting gently on my chest.”
He loves his brother and sister. He is the soldier of peace in the family, so if the game gets too difficult between the baby and Anya, he intervenes. The three play with all the new strident toys I bought, filling my living room with snow stuffing. “

Life With Dogs

“We moved on to stringed toys that keep everyone happy. Tug-o-wars is the big favorite. Today, Alex was taking his first pictures with Santa in Petcetera and melted everyone’s heart. He is eating well and is very curious about the cats, so we’re keeping them apart for now. “

Despite all the pain this dog went through in the past, he is happy with his brother and adoptive mother today. Fortunately, someone opened not only the doors of his house but also the doors of his heart to love this dog.

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