Abandoned dog crying on the side of the road just wants to kiss his rescuer

Many animals are treated as trash. Abandonment is sometimes the least of ill-treatment for certain animals, after all that their owners have put them through. Unfortunately, our friends are too loving and passionate about their owners to stop loving them, even after being so mistreated.

Judy Obregon member of “The Abandoned Ones” was driving down a road in an area known as a dump land and that is when she met this four-legged little friend. When she got out of the car and approached, she heard the dogs cry for help.

The animal had an injured paw and it could be seen as the dog approached the saviour. The improvised dog collar indicates that he was originally tied to a stick or fence but that somehow he was now free. Now there she was, waiting for her owners to fetch her, as any loyal dog would.

Judy put Callie in the car and started driving away. But all Callie wanted to do was thank her rescuer and she did so by giving him lots of kisses. What a cute little dog!


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