Abandoned dog asks for food politely

He had to learn how to live in the streets of the city of Tucumán, in the northern region of Argentina.

The experience in the streets, for any living, is very hard. You make enemies, you need to learn to shelter from the rain or the burning sun. And besides, and maybe the hardest, you need to learn how to get food.

That’s what this polite dog did. He learned to ask, therefore, in a polite and gentle way, for food.

Recently, perhaps even enchanted by the animal’s gentle posture, a family then adopted it.

They were the ones who registered the animal’s education.

The puppy sits on his hind legs like a real gentleman. And then he extends his front paws to passers-by, asking for food.

Thanks therefore to his behavior, he conquered the hearts of countless people in that city.

Below, see more photos of polite, docile and gentle “serumaninho”:

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Posted by Carolina Sal on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Source: Revista Pazes


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