Abandoned and weak, dog walk into someone’s yard and collapses

Hope For Paws received a call about a dog that was in obvious distress. With the little energy he had, he wandered into a Good Samaritan’s yard and collapsed. Eldad and Loreta were quickly on the scene.

The dog’s paw was swollen and he couldn’t stand his own weight. From afar, Eldad and Loreta could see how much the dog had struggled to survive. He was completely exhausted, in pain and in need of a rescue!

The dog, later called Milo, was in a lot of pain and would not let himself be touched. It was just his way of saying, “Please be nice to me.” So Eldad and Loreta used a blanket to make a stretcher and carry the dog.

When Milo arrived at the rescue center, he received immediate assistance. The vet explained that his injuries were caused by a dog bite. Living on the streets is very difficult, especially for a loving dog like Milo.

After a good shower and some care, Milo began his recovery. In addition, he found a responsible family who love him with all their strength. Now, the little dog is happier than ever and his sweet personality has begun to shine.

Watch the video below to learn a little more about this exciting rescue:

Despite all the evil that reigns on our planet, there are still kind people, and the case of Milo is proof of that.

Source: I Love My Dog


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