Abandoned and dying dog fights death to save her cub

An abandoned dog was found in a pitiful state, with several wounds all over her body, standing at the gates of death. Besides, she was alone, no one was around… Her chances of survival were very low, but she never gave up, the pain could be strong, but something forced her to fight and to resist!

This is the instinct of a mother, who had a cub, with no one else in the world to care for him. When they found this little dog, her eyes were filled with tears, tears of fear, fear of losing the only warm body around her, the fear of dying there, before the eyes of her cub.

Luckily, fate had another plan for them… A good Samaritan met them and tried to free the two animals. But that wasn’t an easy task, as the dog was very protective and wouldn’t  let anyone get close to them.

The man realized that he needed some experienced hands, and he called the Wildlife Friends Federation of Thailand. They rushed to the scene and managed to take the mother and the puppy to the shelter. Both dogs received medicine, food, water, a warm place to sleep and all the care they desperately needed.

However, as the number of street dogs needing help in Thailand is enormous, the shelter can’t keep them, and they plan to release them on the streets once they are recovered.

But don’t  worry, these dogs still have the chance to have a happy ending. Their story has become viral and many people are asking the Soi Dog Foundation, a non-profit organization, to find a loving home where they can spend their lives together.

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Source: Doggies


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