Abandoned alone at the airport, this dog died heartbroken!

Today we’ll get to know the sad story of a dog who wandered through an airport for more than a month. The airport staff even gave her the nickname ‘Traveling Cloud’. Bucaramanga Airport in Colombia is a place too big for an animal to walk alone, looking for her owners and refusing to eat!

This lovely dog was abandoned at the airport, left alone, confused and very worried. So much so that she simply kept looking for her owners… She ended up leaning against a corner and simply refused to eat.

We can’t imagine how she felt, abandoned in a strange place with different smells, not even a familiar blanket to snuggle in and feel some comfort. She couldn’t take the pain anymore and her body simply hung up!


The passengers tried to persuade her to eat something, everyone who saw her realized that she was sad and alone. A veterinarian was called to a desperate extent to save her life by taking intravenous serum in order to provide her with some nutrients.

“Apparently, during the first month that the dog was at the airport, she was passing the halls looking for someone, possibly the owner. This state of waiting deteriorated her health to the point where she no longer received food.”, said the vet.


“The dog showed a relapse in a matter of 48 hours, even providing her with food and medicine by intravenous injection, she fell into depression.”

Unfortunately, it was too late, her broken heart was so deeply hurt, that she finally gave up and eventually passed away.


Rest in peace, you can find in heaven the happiness you have so much sought on earth!

Source: Doggies


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